Our goal is simple: to help you process complex documents so you don’t have to. Isn’t it time to take advantage of what you deserve? Fidelity is at the forefront of helping people solve complex document processing problems. What we’ve found over the last ten years is that a wide variety of new opportunities have become available for those in need, but many people that are in need of and qualify for a wide variety of programs simply do not understand how to process documents required of them. Our company minimizes the confusion of helping you process complex documents.

Speak with a live person and discover the many options for your current situation.
Compare Programs

Learn about all the benefits of each program and which one is best for you and your family.
Document Preparation

We help you prepare all of your documentation and facilitate a timely submission.
Ongoing Support

Monitoring and reapplication each and every year to maintain your eligibility.


We maintain high professional standards and conduct our business ethically. We carefully follow rules and procedures to ensure client integrity is never compromised. We strive to satisfy client needs offering unique personalized service. The company strengths are professional ownership, statewide/national service, competitive pricing, and computer tracking of process service.



Getting a divorce is difficult enough, divorce document preparation should be the easy part. We carefully prepare and file the legal documents and cut through the complexity.

Let us do the probate document preparation. We prepare and file the legal documents, guiding you through the court-supervised process of administering an estate.
We provide end to end bankruptcy document services to help get you through what can be a very difficult time in your financial life. We understand your needs and can prepare all the necessary paperwork.

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Direct Processing USA is not a law firm nor a substitute for an attorney for legal representation. The services provided are not intended, and do not create any attorney-client relationship. The primary purpose of the services are to assist Pro Se (Litigants representing themselves) in preparing your documents for legal proceedings and/or drafting documents with parties in business, immigration, bankruptcy, divorce and other legal matters pursuant to the laws of the State of California, pursuant to the Litigants specifications.